Customer Stories

See how our customers are changing the world. Below you will find references and customer case studies for you to be inspired, learn and get ideas.

Customer Stories highlighting customer and partner success with Pricer products and solutions.

SaaS and the high quality of the solution made Migros choose Pricer

The French grocery store Migros Etrembières choose Pricer.

Unique geolocation solution boosted productivity in DIY stores

The adoption of Pricer’s optical wireless communication based ESL system played an essential role in boosting operational efficiency

Cloud-based solution for cost-efficient operation of small, unmanned stores

Lifvs uses Pricer’s platform with the cloud-bases solution Pricer Plaza for central management of digital labels in a large number of stores.

Independent grocer chooses future-proof digital solution

For grocery store Matvärlden, doing the right thing should be easy.

One night installation of ESLs – a true team effort

One night installation of ESLs in Matvärlden Vällingby, Stockholm.

INTERSPORT enhances customer experience

One month of labor hour saved every year per store and an enhanced customer experience with a “wow factor”.

PLUS takes the ESL platform to the next level

Download a PDF version of this page! CUSTOMER: PLUS Retail COUNTRY: Netherlands SECTOR: Grocer TOTAL NUMBER OF STORES: Approximately 265 supermarkets NUMBER OF LABELS: On average 11.500 ESLs per store, the average store is 1200 square meters SOLUTION: Full roll out in all stores with Pricer Plaza (SaaS solution) and SmartTAG Power ESLs. The project also…

Leclerc Marignane

Centre E. Leclerc Marignane replaced their old radiofrequency system with a future-proof ESL solution

Collaboration with the Galeries Lafayette Group

Pricer has equipped the stunning new Galeries Lafayette store on the Champs Elysées with its system based on digital shelf labels.

Food passion through digital innovation

To thrive under the pressure from e-commerce disruptors, brick-and-mortar stores need to offer new types of experiences and innovations.

The Juice Box

The Juice Box was looking for a solution to allow them to be operationally more efficient and offer superior customer service.

Cora: Better reactivity

59 stores in France 9,000 m2 average store area 20,000 labels per store: mix of Continuum + DotMatrix Equipped in grocery, kitchenware, gardening, toys, multimedia and electronics areas

UNIMAT: Ensure their prices are correct

Hardware retailers UNIMAT wanted to improve operations and ensure price accuracy in their growing DIY retail chain stores. Country: Canada Number of stores: Over 175 Number of labels per store: 15,000

Bosch: Eliminate production errors

Auto & electronics manufacturer Bosch wanted to reduce errors in their production lines as much as possible in their MFM (Mini Factory Management) plant in Hungary. Country: Hungary Number of labels: 10 DotMatrix per production line

Swedish Postal Service: Sorting mail, faster

A postal service is nothing without logistics. The challenge: to guarantee on-time deliveries across the country at the lowest possible cost. Every single day. Country: Sweden Number of Sorting Terminals: 11 Number of labels per Terminal: 3,000 DotMatrix