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Case studies

Case Study – SuperC

Case Study – SuperC


Case Study – SuperC

Super C Fast-Tracking In-Store Tech to Boost Productivity and Profits

Keywords: Big Box Grocery Store Deployment
Number of Locations with ESL: 48

Super C is Quebec’s full-scale discount supermarket. A subsidiary of Metro, Inc., Super C has been on the fast track since 2018 to deploy its stores with the most cutting-edge technologies. In an effort to lower labor costs and boost productivity, Metro Inc. has partnered with Pricer for full-store deployment of over 8,000 products for every store, planning to triple the number of stores that have electronic shelf labels in the next year.

Recognition in Brand Research

First impressions are crucial, and that’s why branding is such an important company asset. Super C’s parent company, Metro Inc., was recognized in 2019 as the 19th most valuable Canadian Brand n BrandZ’s inaugural report. With Pricer’s offering of fast, robust, and interconnected solutions, Super C streamlines pricing competition and organizes a variety of operations right into the shelf edge.

Super C can perform tasks that travel beyond the shelf edge. Strategies like waste management, employee stocking, or customer-facing mobile applications places Super C’s brand into the hands that matter most.


Canadian Retail has transformed to become more enjoyable, streamlined, and digitally integrated.”


Saves a lot on time and labor, giving employees the ability to pay attention to what matters—the customer”