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Waste Management

Best-in-class solution to help stores minimize food waste and make date checking significantly more efficient

Of all food produced about one third is never consumed and a large part of that waste occurs in the store.

This is becoming an increasing priority, from a cost perspective and, more importantly, from a sustainability perspective. To help combat the food waste in grocery stores Pricer offers solutions to make the date checking efficient and to sell the expiring products at the optimal price before they go to waste.

Reducing prices on short-dated products

Instead of checking for short dates on every product around the store, the system sends a list of products with short dates so store employees can focus on those specific products. To quickly find the right product, the Instant Flash on the electronic shelf labels (ESL) is used. This focus makes date checking significantly more efficient, with major time savings and food waste reduction.

This also allows for price cuts on short-dated items to reduce the volume of food wasted and increase sales.

Pricer is working with partners to create best-in-class waste management solutions. By combining a smart expiration date management and analytics system with Pricer’s real-time ESL capabilities, Pricer can offer waste management solutions that minimize food waste and maximizes staff efficiency. The systems are fully integrated and field validated by some of the largest food retailers in the world, and ready for instant deployment.

Related product features

    • Instant Flash.
    • Dynamic Product Positioning (to generate up-to-date maps for store employees to find the products).



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