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Leclerc Marignane

Leclerc Marignane


Customer: Centre E. Leclerc Marignane
Country: France
Customer since: 2019
Number of labels: 50,000 in all departments of the store, including the fruit and vegetable department, where SmartTAG HD 200 has been installed, as well as Freezer HD Labels for the frozen department and HD Small for the Health and Care Department.

Pricer has equipped a new Centre E. Leclerc store in Marignane, France with its electronic shelf label-based system (ESLs), which replaced an old radiofrequency system. A smart display solution and more than 50,000 Pricer SmartTAG e-paper labels have been deployed by Pricer’s installation team.

In 2019, Centre E. Leclerc Marignane, a hypermarket of more than 6,000 m2 located near Marseille Provence Airport and an aviation industry park, has undergone a profound transformation to give customers more value and a higher level of service. With a very high number of visitors per day, this hypermarket achieved sales of EUR 87 million in 2018. Being at the forefront of customer service, Centre E. Leclerc Marignane looked for a reliable and high-quality solution that could serve both employees and customers alike.

More Services for Shoppers and Employees with Digital Labels

Pricer’s communication platform is based on high-performing optical light in the near-infrared spectrum and allowing the store to use a variety of features which were not available with the old RF system, such as stock display, logo display and promotions, as well as a Flash Scheduler Tool for employees (restocking shelves etc.). In total, Pricer has equipped 25 Centre E. Leclerc with electronic shelf labels in south-eastern France.

The store in Marignane was equipped with an innovative, brand-new system display, a valuable and time-saving tool for employees when creating or unlinking ESL information or using the Pricer interface. Employees can use a PDA unit to easily scan the product at the shelf, in front of the display, and the digital label updates instantly.

“The Pricer ESL system gives us more flexibility and real operative benefits for our teams on a daily basis,” says store manager Ghislain Gomez.

The same digital label also benefits the shopper, as it shows information such as price and product information.

Pricer has delivered a comprehensive solution covering delivery and installation of everything from rails to software.

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