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NFC Redirection

By enabling this contactless communication, there are endless opportunities to interact with the customer. An example is redirecting the customer to a website that shows more information about the product.

NFC (near field communication) technology is becoming increasingly common in society. Your customers might already be used to using their mobile device for payments or having a tag in order to open doors. In these instances, it might be NFC technology being used in the background.

NFC technology can be used to create additional ways to interact with your customers in the store. Would you like to provide more information to your customers than what fits on a digital price tag? With NFC technology in digital price tags, there are plenty of possibilities.

NFC is a short-range and wireless type of communication. Pricer’s digital shelf tags can optionally be equipped with NFC tags. A customer simply tap their NFC enabled smartphone on the label and they are shown the relevant information such as a product information page.

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