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Store performance in the era of hybrid retail

How can grocery, DIY, homewares and large format retailers improve the performance of their stores in order to better manage operational costs and enhance the shopping experience?

Download the report which focuses on the US market, and learn more:

- Anything less than ruthless operational excellence in predictive analytics, replenishment, the service of online orders and waste management will eat into margins that are already under pressure

- Today stores operate in a hybrid retail environment where multiple channels and media overlap in new ways to tempt and serve the customer

- Fewer staff in the store looks set to become the norm, so they will need a lot more support from tech and smart data to give retailers a decent return on higher-than-ever wages

- Customers’ demands will always run ahead of retailers’ ability to meet them, but so much more can be done to keep pace

- Sales per square foot is a redundant measure of store performance and must give way to a broader set of metrics based on the value of the store operating in this hybrid retail environment

- In-store, the shelf edge remains the moment of truth for customers, but now it has to do more

- The store has potential that it has yet to unleash, and that depends on multiple technologies being integrated in the service of both staff and customers.

Download the report