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Shelf Replenishment

Easier and quicker than ever with Pricer Instant Flash!

With Pricer’s sub-one-second flash, replenishment of shelves is no longer a painful task.

The biggest single process in a store is the replenishment of shelves. A typical supermarket puts tens of thousands of products on their shelves every day. It is a very time-consuming task and also one that is surprisingly error-prone. If the employee does not check the price tag properly, there is a risk that the product ends up in the wrong place or hides the correct product. The consequences are that the right product might not be replenished with correspondingly reduced sales and that the stock levels end up wrong on both the correct and the wrong product.

Three Benefits of Instant Flash

Instant Flash
It flashes in less than one second after the staff member scans the product barcode
Removes Risk
With the flash, the risk of error is minimized
Easier Staffing
No need for trained staff, meaning staffing costs go down

Video: Replenishment

See how your replenishment work can be done so much easier and efficient with Pricer’s system.

Instant Flash: a real time-saver

With the replenishment process being guided by the Pricer system, risks are reduced and replenishment work is sped up. This is achieved by letting the employee simply scan the barcode on the product that needs to be replenished using her handheld device. When this is done, the system immediately does two things. Firstly, on a map of the store, it shows exactly where the product is. Secondly, and most importantly, it triggers the Instant Flash on the label.

Removes risk and increases speed

The flash and the map allow the employee to find the product quicker and also remove the risk of putting the product at the wrong price tag. The end result is that shelves are better and more correctly stocked in less time. We have also discovered that, as a side effect, stores become neater and better run—factors that are known to increase sales. The guided replenishment is also easier, which means a reduced need for training and store knowledge, making staffing easier and more affordable

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