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Corporate Responsibility

Pricer Values

As part of our vision, Pricer believes that Quality, Accountability and Proactivity should be reflected in our daily work and routines. We encourage people’s initiatives, training and empowerment to always reconsider how and what we do.


At Pricer, we believe that environmentally sustainable business is a prerequisite for continued profitability. It is important to us that we ensure that our environmental footprint is low, an ambition that should prevail throughout our operations on a daily basis. We strive always to minimize the generation of waste.

One of the cornerstones in the environmental policy of Pricer is to proactively avoid pollution and to continuously perform improvements within the environmental area. Our products shall be developed with the objective to minimize their environmental impact during their lifetime and destruction phase. Pricer shall select material, technology and distribution systems that fulfill our objectives with low environmental burden. One of the criteria’s when selecting vendors is that they have similar ambitions within the environmental area and that they together with us can enable the fulfillment of the environmental policy. We shall provide advice and knowledge to our customers and partners so that they in an environmentally friendly manner can use, transport, store and disposal of our products.

Social responsibility

To conduct business responsibly in a way that characterizes good corporate citizenship means that Pricer takes into account everyone’s health and well-being regardless of whether they are employees, suppliers, clients or otherwise affected by the company.

Employment and working conditions

All employees at Pricer should show respect, team playing and develop good relationships with clients and colleagues. Employees at Pricer work under equal conditions of employment and working conditions. Differences in experience and professional and life experiences are seen as an asset when our goal is to create an attractive workplace. Pricer appreciates and encourages diversity among employees, while individuals are treated with dignity and respect. Discrimination and harassment will not occur. Pricer promotes employee health and wellbeing in the work environment, we encouraged employees to pursue a healthy lifestyle.




Fraud and Bribery

Employees shall not commit, aid or assist in any fraud, misappropriation, theft, embezzlement, bribery or any similar activities. Employees who suspect or have information concerning any such wrongdoing, involving Pricer, its employees, any consultant, any Pricer agent or customer (including customer employees), or anyone doing business with Pricer must promptly notify his/her supervisor or a member of the management team or other officer of Pricer.


Whistleblowing is a term for reporting irregularities, such as violations of laws and internal rules and guidelines. All employees have the opportunity to anonymously report acts or situations which are contrary to the company’s rules and guidelines. The procedure for reporting irregularities documented in the employee guide.

Supplier Responsibility

Pricer wants to be an attractive business partner and seeks reliable, fair relations for the mutual benefit of Pricer and its suppliers. For this purpose, Pricer strives to uphold ethical and business standards and expects the same from its suppliers, service providers, and other partners. Pricer expects from its suppliers and service providers competence in quality, cost control, innovation and reliability.
Pricer requires its suppliers to be committed to ethical conduct, to full compliance with all applicable national laws and international treaties, and to respecting human rights in the spirit of internationally recognized standards.

Pricer will not accept child or forced labor under any circumstances, and will not contract with suppliers or subcontractors using such labor.