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SaaS and the high quality of the solution made Migros choose Pricer

SaaS and the high quality of the solution made Migros choose Pricer


Customer: Migros Etrembières
Country: France
Sector: Grocery
Number and type of ESLs: 45,000 SmartTAG HD

The ESL system that the French grocery store Migros Etrembières had in place was reaching end of life. After an evaluation, the Pricer system with the cloud solution Pricer Plaza was chosen. The store now has a very efficient and user-friendly solution, which helps the store monitor stock and keep prices updated in all departments, also the seafood and fruits and vegetable departments where price changes are done on a daily basis.


The Migros Etrembières store in Haute-Savoie in France is a 5,000 m² hypermarket that had an old generation of electronic shelf labels on which a sticker had to be printed and then stuck. The store employees were spending a lot of time updating labels and they were not customer friendly.


Pricer offered its range of SmartTAG HD labels which offers consumers very good product information readability (name, price etc.) and the store employees a versatile label that allows them to be more productive.

Thanks to this new generation of labels, before the opening of the store, essential information is displayed: the available stock as well as the date of the next delivery. This data allows employees to react more quickly to items to be put on the shelves and future stock shortages.

Among the 45,000 labels installed, the Fruits and Vegetables and Seafood departments also benefit from the advantages of an electronic shelf label, departments where origin and product updates are made daily. Store employees save a lot of time as they no longer have to print paper labels and then put them on the shelves. The update is done directly on the shelf and the update of information is almost immediate.

The Pricer solution was also selected thanks to its cloud-based installation with a SaaS (Software as a Service) model, which allows information to be centralized. Outages or server updates are therefore no longer a concern for the IT teams.


Watch the video to discover the full solution.


Published in May 2022