Grocery Retail

Cloud-based solution for cost-efficient operation of small, unmanned stores

Case study Grocery Retail May 7, 2021

Download a PDF version of this page Customer: Lifvs Country: Sweden Partner: StrongPoint Industry: Groceries Number of stores: 27 (90% with Pricer) Number and type of labels: 450–500 labels/store, SmartTAG Power+ (incl. one base station and one transmitter per store) Customer since: 2019 Where small, unprofitable stores see problems and are shutting down, Swedish Lifvs…

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Independent grocer chooses future-proof digital solution

Case study Grocery Retail March 25, 2021

Download a PDF version of this page! CUSTOMER: Matvärlden COUNTRY: Sweden SECTOR: Grocery CUSTOMER SINCE: 2021 For grocery store Matvärlden, doing the right thing should be easy. Electronic shelf labels make it easy to always have the right price and to live the core value: “the customer is king.” Challenge Handle 30,000 different items from…

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One night installation of ESLs – a true team effort

Case study Grocery Retail January 27, 2021

For Muhittin Tayli, independent store owner of Matvärlden, working in close collaboration with their digitization partner is the way forward. So, when their new electronic shelf labels (ESLs) were installed, this was done together with Pricer – in only one night. When Muhittin Tayli opened his first independent store, Matvärlden in Veddesta, outside Stockholm, he…

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PLUS takes the ESL platform to the next level

Case study Grocery Retail October 7, 2020

Download a PDF version of this page! CUSTOMER: PLUS Retail COUNTRY: Netherlands SECTOR: Grocer TOTAL NUMBER OF STORES: Approximately 265 supermarkets NUMBER OF LABELS: On average 11.500 ESLs per store, the average store is 1200 square meters SOLUTION: Full roll out in all stores with Pricer Plaza (SaaS solution) and SmartTAG Power ESLs. The project also…

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