Grocery Retail

Food passion through digital innovation

Case study Grocery Retail April 8, 2019

Download a PDF version of the page! To thrive under the pressure from e-commerce disruptors, brick-and-mortar stores need to offer new types of experiences and innovations. This means both in-store processes and in-store experiences need to be digitalized. To achieve this, solid in-store digital platforms are essential, platforms that steer customers and employees efficiently in…

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The Juice Box

Case study Grocery Retail October 1, 2015

Client profile: The Juice Box Place: Atlanta, Georgia, US Store size: 3,000 square feet Number of ESLs: 5,000 The Juice Box is a high-end liquor store, based in Atlanta US, offering a variety of wines, spirits and beers. The store opened its doors in 2013. From paper labels to Pricer ESLs The Juice Box was…

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Cora: Better reactivity

Case study Grocery Retail August 2, 2015

59 stores in France 9,000 m2 average store area 20,000 labels per store: mix of Continuum + DotMatrix Equipped in grocery, kitchenware, gardening, toys, multimedia and electronics areas

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Intermarché: Using multiple pages on the labels to display additional product information

Case study Grocery Retail January 23, 2015

Intermarché, the supermarket banner of the Groupement des Mousquetaires, is France’s largest food retailer, counted in a number of stores. France’s largest food retailer by a number of stores.

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