Place: The Netherlands
Number of stores: 45
Number of employees: 2,500
Average Annual Turnover: 1,401 million €
Number of ESLs: 240,000

Media Markt – Case Study


Operating an omnichannel environment:

With the internet, shopping has become an increasingly transparent experience. Today’s consumers are accustomed to the many benefits of online shopping – including access to customer reviews, complete product information, and the option to compare prices across different channels and between different stores.

Furthermore, the vast majority of consumers now carry a smartphone with them at all times, and are therefore able to access the internet anytime, anywhere. Shoppers in a brick-and-mortar store can, using their mobile phone, immediately compare the price of a good on display to its price in many different online stores.

The rise of the ‘showrooming effect’ is testament to this – whereby customers visit an offline store to view and inspect merchandise, and then purchase at a later time online or at another shop elsewhere.

Media Markt – Saturn Holding Netherlands

Bosch: Eliminate production errors

Auto & electronics manufacturer Bosch wanted to reduce errors in their production lines as much as possible in their MFM (Mini Factory Management) plant in Hungary. Country: Hungary Number of labels: 10 DotMatrix per production line

Nebraska Furniture Mart

ESLs Improve Employee Morale and Reinforce Low Price Guarantee for Consumers.