Forrester TEI study: Pricer ESLs - payback period of 18 months

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Electronic Shelf Labels for Retail

Pricer’s electronic shelf labels (ESL) helps you save time with automatic price updates, shelf replenishment, click and collect orders and improves your customers’ experience with accurate, reliable pricing

Pricer is a leading global technology company serving the rapidly growing smart retail market with in-store digital solutions that enhance both store performance and the shopping experience.

Through electronic shelf labels, advanced technology, such as optical wireless communication and AI, and continuous innovation, Pricer offers the foundation for in-store communication and efficiency.

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26 Feb

EuroShop 2023

MEET PRICER AT EuroShop 2023 in booth A76, Feb 26 - Mar 2

26 Apr

Retail Technology Show 2023

Meet Pricer at Retail Technology Show in London.

Case Study - Defense Commissary Agency

With Pricer’s dependable ESL system, DeCA can accomplish its mission with the reliability that the US Armed Forces is known for.

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Canadian Tire Dealer Association Selects Pricer

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Super C Fast-Tracking In-Store Tech to Boost Productivity and Profits

Best Buy and Pricer since 2018

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PLUS Takes The ESL Platform To The Next Level With Pricer Plaza

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Carrefour chooses Pricer as preferred ESL supplier for worldwide installations

Busy Beaver - The Most Technologically Advanced DIY Store in the US

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Retail Europe: Shopper Outlook Report

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Cloud-based solution for cost-efficient operation of small, unmanned stores

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INTERSPORT enhances customer experience


Our Electronic Shelf Labels

Pricer manufactures the most reliable electronic shelf label in the world. With 30 years of experience in retail pricing and task management, we can solve even the most complex operations problems.

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Our Partners

Local partners for local integration and support. Pricer has built a global network of qualified resellers and integrators who will help you get your unique electronic shelf label solution in place faster.

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Optical Wireless Communication

Pricer is using a game-changing, future-proof optical wireless technology. This technology is the reason for our success! The best solution by choice, not by accident.

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