Best-in-class inventory management with our electronic shelf label solution

The challenge

Most retailers today use automatic ordering to supply their stores. For many reasons, the process is not optimal and it is common to have inaccurate stock levels. Consequently, many stores either have too little or too much inventory of a given product. Too little means lost sales, while too much means tied up capital as well as the risk of never selling all of the stock.

The solution

Many strategies are used to keep stock levels as accurate as possible, and the Pricer system can help too. The first method is to simplify the search for suspect stock levels by highlighting products with a low or even negative theoretical stock. This can be done before the store opens by flashing all labels that are associated products with low stock levels or by doing targeted checks throughout the day, guided by Instant Flash and a map showing where the products to check are.

Other methods are more indirect, although still very effective. By using the flash-guided solution, replenishment errors are drastically reduced in the first place. For example, the guided replenishment avoids the common mistake that a product is put in front of a very similar looking but not identical product, thus hiding the one behind and invariably leading to mistakes further on.

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