Swedish Postal Service: Sorting mail, faster

A postal service is nothing without logistics. The challenge: to guarantee on-time deliveries across the country at the lowest possible cost. Every single day.

Country: Sweden
Number of Sorting Terminals: 11
Number of labels per Terminal: 3,000 DotMatrix


The Swedish Post began process optimisation in 2008, starting at its 11 main sorting terminals. Around 10% of mail is still sorted by hand into racks, with labels that change up to 4 times a day. They hoped an electronic replacement for these labels would increase efficiency, cut costs and get more mail to its destination, faster.


Pricer installed DotMatrix displays on each rack compartment to show destination city and zip code – and another display on the top to show the collection schedule. Dedicated software plus Pricer server version R3.5 and Quad- speed protocol ensured every display could be updated simultaneously – a fundamental requirement for an efficient sorting process.


A pilot program at the sorting terminal in Karlstad deployed nearly 3,000 Pricer DotMatrix displays. Focusing on increasing the speed of rack preparation and movement without compromising ergonomics or accuracy, the solution led to higher throughput of mail and dramatic reductions in transport costs, thanks to fewer delayed departures.


The result? Happier customers, lower costs… and better value for everyone. Since the pilot five more sorting terminals have installed the Pricer system – and Posten is considering extending the use of DotMatrix displays to other parts of the logistics chain in order to significantly improve mail flow in throughout every Post Terminal.