Pricer architecture is a modern software platform supporting some of the world’s largest retail organizations in their digital shelf-edge evolution. It was designed from its inception as a multi-user enterprise solution.

Modern and robust

The Pricer platform is built to scale with high communication and data traffic requirements as well as deliver the flexibility of bespoke platform interconnectivity. The architecture is modular at its core and provides the framework on which to integrate or build applications and extensions.

Pricer QuickSearch

Ever walked into a store and asked yourself: “Where do I find the item I am looking for?” You most certainly have, and you can be sure that your customers are asking the same question every day. Our solution is called “QuickSearch”

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Pricer NFC Redirect

NFC (near field communication) technology is becoming increasingly common in our society. Your customers might already be used to using their mobile device for payments or having a tag in order to open doors. In these instances, it is NFC technology being used in the background. This is our solution that can be used to give product information, self-scanning or payment at the shelf edge.

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The Pricer system is driven by the flexible server component that reliably manages hundreds of thousands of price changes, item data and price tags. The robust and proven architecture will scale with your needs.


Regardless of your needs, the Pricer system will fulfill them. It can handle any price and promotion scenario, custom reports, data from multiple sources and of course easy integration with any third party system using modern APIs

Designer tools are available, allowing templates to be designed for the digital price tags and the poster. The easy configuration client (ECC) enables a simple way to design a template for the digital price tag and also offer more advanced functionality to get the needed data to the digital price tag. There is also a specific designer tool that allows the smartPOSTER to be designed in an effective way.

Pricer has built its reputation with tier-ones based on key characteristics such as investment control, central monitoring and scalability. However, the benefits today go far beyond this and address the experimentation requirements of retailers, such as modular components (store mapping, ESL and customer positioning, ESL light indicator) and extensive integration capacity (API, SDK, widget).

Pricer Server also includes an intuitive app, the SmartApp, to be used for typical store operations such as linking and unlinking digital price tags at the shelf.

Pricer Cloud

When connecting Pricer Server to the Pricer Cloud, more advanced functionality is available. Dynamic product positioning is carried out in the Pricer Cloud, which is frequently calculating all the positions of the digital price tags in the store.

The product positions can then be displayed to customers using Quick Search either by placing a kiosk in-store or through a website accessible by any device. The NFC redirect functionality is also implemented in the cloud.