Leroy Merlin Wins Prestigious EHI Retail Technology Award for deploying the first entirely Automated Product Positioning solution enabled by Pricer

Düsseldorf, March 7th, 2017: In an industry first, Pricer today announced that as part of the 2017 Euroshop trade fair Leroy Merlin has won the Retail Technology Award (RETA) Europe for the ‘Best Customer Experience’ category, using the Pricer platform for automated product positioning in their mobile shopper application and store kiosks.

The EHI Retail Institute discerns its prestigious awards to distinguish retail companies for their implementation of innovative and outstanding information technology solutions in retail. The Best Customer Experience Award is presented to a retailer who has implemented future-oriented methods and technology to increase customer loyalty and customer satisfaction.

This prize has been awarded in light of the first industry deployment by Leroy Merlin to offer its customers the ability to locate products, whether in the store by way of kiosks or on their mobile device.

This exclusive product positioning capability, and corresponding software jointly developed by Phocéis and Pricer for Leroy Merlin, has been implemented on the shopper mobile application helping shoppers know if the product is available and where it is located in the store, and therefore greatly enhancing the omni channel experience. With the automated positioning system implemented in the Leroy Merlin app and in the kiosks, associates are using the added free time to concentrate on providing added value and customer-oriented services.

Leroy Merlin had equipped its stores with Pricer Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) for accurate and reliable prices to improve customer experience. These ESLs become in effect a digital representation of each product. The IR communication signal strength of each label is used to calculate its position in the store. The signal from a label is picked up by multiple transceivers, positioning the ESL on the store map by means of automated trilateration.

The Pricer’s system has been a component of several RETA wins over the years including ‘Best Shopper Experience’ for Carrefour’s in-store guidance application.

“We are delighted to be recognized by our peers for this important breakthrough,” says Andreas Renulf, CEO at Pricer. “We thank Leroy Merlin for their confidence in our capabilities and for letting us be a part of their omni-channel strategy.”


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