SmartTAG Color

The most dramatic, beautiful and clear e-paper label ever created.

A new generation range of display and electronic shelf label (ESL) designed to engage and communicate using superior resolution graphics and stunning bright colors.  Pricer’s unique and scalable infrastructure means longer battery life and greater capacity for changes, updates and use of flash meaning that these are the most highly functional and longest lasting displays and ESLs of their type in the industry.


  • SmartTag Color bright colors and high resolution bring enhanced engagement to in-store campaigns and messaging.
  • The labels and displays are eye-catching and enables creative content with great contrast and highlighting.
  • The label is paper-like and the close to 180degree view angle makes it ideal for customized in-store information.
  • Pricer’s highly scalable and ultra reliable communications technology can quickly handle the amount of data required to run these vivid, dramatic labels.
  • Most reliable and long lived 4 color label on the market – it just works!
  • Full range of sizes and attachments based on the world leading SmartTag HD and Power ranges.


  • E-Ink Spectra 3100 E-paper graphic display for excellent wide angle readability.
  • Display color: black, white, red and yellow (simultaneous).
  • Highest resolution graphical capabilities (up to 144dpi).
  • Multicolor, multi-intensity, multi-rate flash for highest functionality.
  • NFC
  • Up to 10 years battery life.
  • Dynamic geolocation


Digital Shelf Label with Stunning Colors and Graphics….all with Superior Battery Lifetime

– Superior energy performance achieving unrivaled battery lifetime, even at heavy usage
– High-speed bi-directional optical wireless communication (over 30,000 price updates per hour)
• Completely compatible with SmartTag HD and SmartTag Power and Power+ so can be used in existing installations to add additional colors for stunning communications and promotional activity

New industry leading LED-flash solution

– Sub-second response time
– 4 flash types, optimized for different types of store activities
– 7 colors

Electronic Shelf Labels 7 colors flash



Available in six different sizes: 1.64, 2.36, 3, 4.37, 7.3 and 8.14 inch.

Digital Shelf Labels with customized designs

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