Pricer Shelf Controller

WiFi remote controller for the shelf edge dedicated to Pricer Labels


• Flexible tool for all kinds of shelf edge use cases
• Opens up for broad adoption of ESL driven task management
• Linking Online and Offline

Key features

  • Cost-effective in-store managing device
  • Optimized for store associate label operations
  • Increased productivity without the need for more PDAs
  • User-friendly and robust design
  • Rechargeable battery for long operation
  • High-performance bar-code scanner
  • WiFi connectivity for communication with the management system
  • Supported by Pricer Plaza
  • 12 buttons to handle store actions with one-touch, like:

• Link and unlink Pricer labels to items
• Rapid replenishment of items by flashing the label
• Identify product by scanning bar-code to make label flash sub-second
• Customized actions specific to associate, department, store or chain


shelf controller barcode scanner

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