Pricer Shelf Controller

We all know that staff come and go in the retail sector. Young people work a couple of weeks during school holidays, while others only stay a few months in between jobs. Training, coaching and checking the result of new employees takes time and can sometimes feel like an endless task for permanent staff.

The Pricer Shelf Controller was developed with this specific challenge in mind. With its 12 programmable buttons, it does only what it is programmed to do. There is no risk of things going wrong – as can often be the case when untrained staff use a PDA. The Pricer Shelf Controller is exceptionally durable, making it suitable for tough in-store work with heavy boxes and carts. It costs a fraction of the price of a PDA, which makes it a great tool for staff with less training.


• Flexible and cost-efficient barcode scanner for many different shelf-edge uses.
• User-friendly handheld device that reduces the risk of mistakes when restocking store shelves.
• Robust design for a tough in-store work environment.
• Ideal for temporary employees with little time for training.
• Increased productivity without the need for more PDAs.
• Flexible tool that can be programmed according to specific needs.
• Powerful lithium battery enables up to 3,000 actions on one charge.
• Wi-Fi connectivity for communication with the management system.
• Linking online and offline.
• Supported by Pricer Plaza.

Key features

12 buttons to handle store actions with one-touch, such as:

  • Link and unlink Pricer electronic shelf labels to items.
  • Rapid replenishment of items by flashing the label.
  • Identify product by scanning barcode to make label flash sub-second.
  • Customized actions specific to associate, department, store, or chain.


shelf controller barcode scanner


Download the specsheet for Pricer Shelf Controller

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