Speed! It’s all about Speed!

Working with the powerful optical wireless communications system makes our solution the fastest on the market. We can do what our competitors only dream about.

Unlock your stores' full potential. Innovate for IT and your business with Pricer ESLs.

By using the very powerful Optical Wireless Communication system, which is unique to Pricer, we have the ability to communicate with each individual label in Real-Time. All the time. Transforming the retail industry from the store floor, shelf edge and up.

  • 900

    times more responsive

  • 30,000

    price updates per hour

  • <1

    seconds sleep

Speed is a very important feature in an industrial performance ESL system

  • Pricer is up to 900 times more responsive* and our graphical labels can do over 30,000 price updates per hour – everywhere in the store (no radio blind spots).
  • Our system is unaffected by other communication and works flawlessly today, tomorrow and five years from now—even when data rapidly increases (updates, resolution and color) and much more RF interference is expected. Since we don’t fight with WiFi, 4G & 5G networks and other radio systems, we don’t need to retransmit and can avoid long, unacceptable delays when updating a label.


*1 sec compared to 15 min sleep time for RF competitor. Read more about Optical vs. Radio

Bigger Display, More Data

The trend toward bigger displays and more colors increases the amount of data that needs to be transferred over time. It is important to buy a system that is fast and has a margin to handle the inevitable increase in data over the years to come.

ModelPixelsBytes Black/WhiteBytes Black/White/Red
SmartTag HD S23 1042 8885 776
SmartTag HD M23 2962 9125 824
SmartTag HD L37 8884 7369 472
SmartTag HD T46 4645 80811 616
SmartTag HD 110120 00015 00030 000
SmartTag HD 150311 04038 88077 760
SmartTag HD 200384 00048 00096 000
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