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The benefit of optical wireless communications is the possibility of pricing in real time.

Scalable, real-time pricing and data at the shelf edge. 


Pricer is the only Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) vendor on the market today offering real-time pricing that is combined with real-time wayfinding, real-time stock capture and real-time data. We scale to retail stores, no matter how many updates you do or what size you are.

– Real-Time
– Scalable
– Transformable

Cutting Costs

Labor cost is intense, and many large retail chains devote up to 40 labor hours each week to price tag management, equaling almost 2,000 labor hours a year.

For the really large stores, it's even more. Multiply that by the number of stores you have, and there is no doubt that you should be able to eliminate millions of dollars or more in merchandising labor during the first year alone (not including price tag printing/shipping savings and savings from reduced pricing override losses).

Real-Time In-Stock Status

If there is one thing that slows down a sale, it’s going through the entire buying/selling process only to find out that the item the customer wanted is out of stock.

The electronic shelf labels have in-stock status signals that fix that very problem, allowing the sales staff to quickly identify which products are available and then steer the customer to the models that they can buy immediately. After all, if the customer wanted to wait a few days to use the device they’re shopping for, they would have it bought online.

Want pricing in real-time?