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Electronic Shelf Labels / Digital Price Tags

Dynamic Pricing In Real Time

Pricer offers the most reliable electronic shelf label system in the world. At the core of the system lies the label itself which has to be extremely reliable, robust and long-lasting. With experience from three decades in retail pricing and task management, we can solve even the most complex operations issues.

Pricer’s enterprise-grade electronic shelf-labeling solution helps you to save time with automatic price updates.

It’s more cost-efficient than paper and improves your customers’ experience with accurate, reliable pricing.

Pricer helps retailers take the right path to performance by providing an ESL platform with the lowest TCO. This forward-compatible digital infrastructure is now enabling in-store digital transformation, from price management and operational optimization to personalization and predictive tools.

Graphic Price Tags

Multi-color ESLs





With the Pricer System you don’t have to choose – they are both run on the same platform and you can mix and match any way you like. This makes for a great business case, and affordable labels as you can tailor the layout of the store according to your needs and wallet.

Pricer has set today’s standard for graphic displays.

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