Electronic Shelf Labels

Pricer manufactures the most reliable enterprise-grade electronic shelf label in the world. With experience from three decades in retail pricing and task management, and we are creating solutions even for the most complex operations.

Our Solutions

Pricer’s electronic shelf labelling solution (ESL) helps you to save time with automatic price updates. It’s more cost-efficient than paper, and improves your customers’ experience with accurate, reliable pricing.

Pricer helps retailers take the right path to performance by providing an ESL platform with the lowest TCO. This forward-compatible digital infrastructure is now enabling in-store digital transformation, from price management and operational optimization to personalization and predictive tools.


– State of the art technology
– Industry leading battery life
– Graphic Labels
– Segment Labels
– Real Time Updates / Sub 1 Second

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Pricer Plaza is a sophisticated cloud-based platform for the complete scalable management, monitoring and integration of a digital in-store system. It is an industry-leading central management system that enables central security, backup/restore, user management and template management as well as API based third party integration to enable further advanced applications such as advanced analytics and business analysis, dynamic pricing, integrated in-store signage, and waste management. For more information on integration partners visit pricer.com/about/partners.

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The Pricer Platform has been purpose built over almost 3 decades in order to become the the most resilient, reliable and robust in-store digital platform on the market

– Based on Optical Wireless Communication in the interference free near-infrared band
– Instant Flash
– Dynamic Product Positioning
– Stability and reliability

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With our large selection of accessories, we can provide a solution for every kind of furniture. Rails, adapters, holders for the shelf-edge.

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Pricer Shelf Vision

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Cloud Cameras to Monitor In-Store.

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Pricer Shelf Controller

WiFi remote controller for the shelf edge dedicated to Pricer Labels

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Pricer StoreLink

Integrated optical access point (ioap) that supports direct connection to Pricer Plaza.

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