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Pricer shows the future of real-time at NRF 2019 – partnering with Qopius and Wasteless


New York, NY, USA – January 15th 2019 — Pricer, a leading Electronic Shelf Label company, displays the future of real-time retail technology at NRF Big Show, NYC, one of the leading retail technology trade shows in the world, held January 13-15, 2019.

By partnering with Qopius and Wasteless, Pricer showcases how stores can maximize operations in real-time, offering intelligent instant updates of product information and prices to maximize shelf efficiency and use visual signals to steer customer attention in the moment.

“Consumers have been expecting real-time user experiences from retailers for a long time and now the solutions are not only available, but really simple to implement and use,” says Charles Jackson, President USA, at Pricer. “At NRF we are showing how we together with Quopius and Wasteless can use real-time store data to achieve new levels of efficiency and experiences.”

Innovative platform for real-time

At the core, enabling true real-time communication in stores, we find Pricer´s innovative store digitalization platform, using near IR/optical wireless communications technology. The platform, tried and tested by leading retail chains around the world, offers the gateway to continuous digitalization of physical stores.

“The platform makes us a global leader in enhancing store performance and shopping experience,” says Charles Jackson. “The rich and tested features make it a natural hub for everything real-time in retail.”

Key partnerships

By partnering with Qopius, Europe´s leading provider of real-time shelf monitoring for retailers, Pricer can offer stores the opportunity to double staff productivity by automating tedious and repetitive tasks like checking out-of-stock or product placement. Qopius uses cutting edge artificial intelligence computer vision to steer Pricer´s shelf-edge cameras in real-time.

Pricer also partners with Wasteless, the award-winning machine-learning solution that converts food waste into retail profits for grocery retailers. In combination with Pricer´s Electronic Shelf Labels and real-time updates, Wasteless’ technology uses a patented markdown optimization engine for perishable goods with a limited expiration date. This enables grocery retailers to maximize profits across the demand curve.

Pricer, Qopius and Wasteless can be found in booth #4437