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New facility in Europe moves Pricer’s production closer to customers


As demand for in-store digitalization and solutions based on electronic shelf labels (ESL) is increasing, Pricer aims at meeting this expected continued higher volume demand with a new production facility in Europe, closer to its customers on this major market. Working in close collaboration to understand the customers’ long-term goals and their unique challenges, Pricer will be able to offer reduced lead-times and increased flexibility.

To maintain the highest product quality, Pricer has engaged with Zollner, a global electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider based in Germany, to expand the company’s production capacity of electronic shelf labels and set up final assembly capacity in Europe. This will complement Pricer’s existing production facilities in China and Thailand.

“In addition to mitigating the effects of geo-political uncertainties and dependencies on few suppliers, this decision is in line with Pricer’s intention to continuously improve our customer satisfaction. Moving production closer to our customers is a strategic goal that we believe will strengthen our competitiveness in the market, and also contribute to reducing our carbon footprint. Designing products for automation has been an important part of realizing this intention and we are pleased to be working together with Zollner to further enhance the degree of automation in our assembly lines”, says Helena Holmgren, President and CEO of Pricer.

“We are excited to support Pricer as an innovation leader in the retail sector with our manufacturing and engineering expertise”, says Markus Aschenbrenner, member of the Zollner Board of Management. “Automated production in one of our German sites will render ESL output scalable according to the needs of Pricer. Thus, even in a competitive high-volume production, quality ‘Made in Germany’ for the European market is guaranteed.” 

To meet Pricer’s high expectations on the new state of the art production site, Zollner is now fine tuning the production line for graphical labels with market leading performance and battery life. Deliveries from the new production facility are expected to start during the end of Q2 2022.

For further information, please contact:

Helena Holmgren, President and CEO, +46 (0)702 870 068

Jörgen Jost auf der Stroth, VP of Supply Chain Management and Procurement,
+46 (0)761 15 34 36

About Pricer

Pricer AB is a leading global technology company serving the rapidly growing smart retail market with in-store digital solutions that enhance both store performance and the shopping experience. Through electronic shelf labels, advanced technology, such as optical wireless communication and AI, and continuous innovation, Pricer offers the foundation for in-store communication and efficiency. The industry leading Pricer platform delivers benefits from 30 years of deployment experience and is fast, robust, interconnectable and scalable. Pricer was founded in Sweden in 1991 and is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

About Zollner

Zollner Elektronik AG, a family-owned company headquartered in Zandt (Southeastern Germany), is Europe’s market leader in the Electronics Manufacturing Services sector. Founded in 1965 it grew organically to become a global player with over 11,500 employees at 20 locations across the globe. Zollner is partner to leading global organizations and offers system solutions along the entire product lifecycle. Its expertise in research & development and industrialization allows for the manufacturing of products which meet market requirements.

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