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First electronic shelf label in outer space

First electronic shelf label in outer space


This year, Concordia’s Space Club, Space Concordia, will be proudly supported by Pricer’s partner JRTech Solutions for their latest rocket: StarSailor, which will become the first-ever student-built liquid rocket to cross the Kármán Line and reach outer space. In honor of this partnership, JRTech Solutions has customized one of Pricer’s graphic electronic shelf labels (ESL), which will be placed inside the rocket and sent into space.

Space Concordia is a student society of over 200 members in Canada. Its members make ground-breaking contributions in Robotics, Rocketry, Spacecraft, and Space Health.jrtech-pricer-esl-space-rocket

Space Concordia’s Rocketry Division (SCRD) has been designing and manufacturing sounding rockets since 2014. Over the years, the team has competed in the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition (IREC) and the Spaceport America Cup, the largest rocketry competition in the world, with over 125 international universities participating.

In 2018, the SCRD team launched its first supersonic rocket, Supersonice, winning first place ahead of universities such as Stanford, MIT, Caltech, and McGill, earning an honorable mention and two first-place world awards in both the Advanced Category and the Space Dynamics Payload Challenge.

Now, the Rocketry Division is aiming even higher. They aspire to become the first student team to build a liquid-propelled rocket that will pass the Kármán line (100 km. of altitude) and reach outer space. The launch of their suborbital rocket, StarSailor, is expected to take place in 2023.

JRTech Solutions has been closely following Space Concordia’s projects and is therefore very proud to be part of this new space quest. JRTech will be outfitting Space Concordia’s Lab with its Pricer electronic shelf labels to help with the inventory and logistics management of the rocket build. To commemorate the partnership between JRTech and Space Concordia, Space Concordia will be launching one of JRTech’s digital price tags into space.

JRTech Solutions is an innovator and pioneer in its field of retail technology” claims Matteo Mazzone, President of Space Concordia. “It is important for Space Concordia to collaborate with sponsors who think big, have blazed the path forward in their own field, and whose guidance and expertise will help us complete our mission to space.”

"We are proud to work with JRTech Solutions in this historic endeavor. Our partnership will lead the development of new space applications for digital earth technology and encourage cross-industry collaboration in the Canadian space sector”, mentions Oleg Khalimonov, Chief Rocket Designer at Space Concordia. “The launch will have significant implications for Concordia University, and for the Canadian space industry as a whole, allowing students to gain superior hands-on experience on a space project,” adds Grecia O’ Brien, Vice President of Marketing at Space Concordia.

“As an engineer myself, I recognize the contributions engineers have made in advancing society throughout history. Sponsoring Space Concordia allows us to support future engineers who will better our world. Pushing the boundaries of technology which improve our lives and the understanding of our world requires great minds who must be supported at all stages, especially at the university level,” claims Cinzia Angeloni, Vice President and COO of JRTech Solutions. “We thank Space Concordia for this unique opportunity to be part of a real space mission.”

Published September 27, 2022


About Space Concordia

Space Concordia is an award-winning multidisciplinary society with over 200 students. Its members undertake numerous projects in the fields of robotics, rocketry, spacecraft, and space health. The society proudly represents Concordia University at various events including outreach activities, conferences, and competitions, at national and international levels. Space Concordia’s goal is to develop the next generation of space professionals by providing young scientists and engineers with the opportunity to work on hands-on projects, and by upholding its core values of hard work, perseverance, and collaboration. To learn more, visit

About JRTech Solutions Inc.

JRTech Solutions Inc. is a privately held corporation, headquartered in Montreal, Quebec. JRTech Solutions Inc. is the leading Canadian Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) provider and the largest distributor of Pricer Electronic Shelf Labels in North America, involved in over 900 store installations with over 13 million labels installed since 2008. For further information, visit

About Pricer

Pricer is a leading global technology company serving the rapidly growing smart retail market with in-store digital solutions that enhance both store performance and the shopping experience. Through electronic shelf labels, advanced technology, such as optical wireless communication and AI, and continuous innovation, Pricer offers the foundation for in-store communication and efficiency. The industry-leading Pricer platform delivers benefits from 30 years of deployment experience and is fast, robust, interconnectable and scalable. Pricer was founded in Sweden in 1991 and is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. For further information, please visit