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Case studies

Case Study - Defense Commissary Agency

Case Study - Defense Commissary Agency


Case Study - Defense Commissary Agency

Defense Commissary Agency

From Commissary to Counter Shelf
Pricer as Exclusive Ten-Year Vendor Partner

Number of Locations: Full Chain
Number of Digital Tags: 3.5 Million
Highlights: Worldwide, Price Optimization

The Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA), a branch of the United States Department of Defense, operates over 240 commissaries across the globe. DeCA sells grocery needs to the members of the US uniformed services, relying on the Pricer solution to provide dynamic pricing. IBM Federal’s Bob Bogdanowicz shares more on DeCA’s use of the Pricer solution, its industrial strength and its reliability.

Automatic, Scalable Savings

For Commissary stores, price image is everything to accredit their position against national competitors. DeCA turned to Pricer for their automatic pricing solution. Now, entire stores are updated in real-time, giving service members the low prices and accuracy they expect. With Pricer’s dependable ESL system, DeCA can accomplish its mission with the reliability that the US Armed Forces is known for.


The customer benefits because the new system eliminates mistakes in the pricing of line items.”


Pricer takes a task like pricing and turns it into a truly flexible and scalable solution.”