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Case studies

Bosch: Eliminate production errors

Bosch: Eliminate production errors


Auto & electronics manufacturer Bosch wanted to reduce errors in their production lines as much as possible in their MFM (Mini Factory Management) plant in Hungary.

Country: Hungary
Number of labels: 10 DotMatrix per production line



Components to be assembled in the Bosch production line often look similar, yet if assembled with the wrong components, the item cannot be used. Components are expensive and mistakes are costly.



The incumbent solution used paper lists of components. These were replaced with DotMatrix labels, displayed in intervals on the assembly line. The Pricer software integrates with the Bosch system software so that only one change is needed to update both the component lists on the label displays and the units being produced.



Each graphic label displays and updates:
1) part number
2) part description
3) family of the part number and
4) positioning.



It is much easier for the production coordinator to switch products on the assembly line, because there is no delay between the switch and the update on the components list – they happen at the same time. There has been a drastic reduction in the number of errors and the amount of wastage from incorrectly-assembled parts.