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We want to grow faster than the market

We want to grow faster than the market


Pricer’s acting CEO Magnus Larsson has been interviewed by the German shareholder magazine DER AKTIONÄR ( special publication "Ver10facher". Below is an extract together with a link to the article in German that was originally published in August 2022.

Q: Your innovation makes your technology better, cheaper and more sustainable. What are your latest technological developments?

A: Four-color ESLs are the next big thing. In the field of cameras, we continue to develop a product for increased in-store efficiency. We see a lot of interest in our camera solution and so far no competitor has made any major step in this area. We are also looking for solutions where the shops can place advertisements, and we plan to launch a digital signage solution during the fall.

Q: Your margins are under pressure due to supply chain disruptions. What measures have you taken?

A: The goal for the second half of the year is to return to profitability. There are many reasons for our rising costs, depending on for instance transportation, components, and manufacturing. We have taken measures on the commercial side and where possible, we have increased the prices of our solutions. In general, we've had good conversations with our customers.

We also look at the production and will start a fully automated production of some of our electronic shelf labels in Bavaria. There have been some delays and we hope to be able to start up the plant in the fourth quarter this year. We have also made changes to our organization to save costs while making changes that allow for future growth.

Q: Why did Pricer choose Germany as a production location?

A: We analyzed the prerequisites in several countries in Europe, and I'm really happy that we chose Germany as the location for our fully automated production facility. Considering that our new production facility does not require a large workforce with high resource costs, Germany is a perfect fit. Pricer then also has a product that can be described as ”made in Germany”, which is positive as the country has a very good reputation when it comes to quality.

Q: Are you also on the hunt for large orders in Germany?

A: Yes. We now have a clear focus on sales and I don't see any reason why we should be less successful than the competition. We want to grow faster than the market, also in Germany. The larger chains in Germany are mostly in a pilot phase and we think that the market will pick up speed during the next few years. I think our strategy will be successful both in Germany and in other European markets.