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From price management to in-store digitalization leader

From price management to in-store digitalization leader


For nearly 30 years, Pricer has developed and introduced a constant stream of innovative technologies, products and solutions to the retail market. But despite this, Pricer is still primarily recognized for its in-store price management solutions. While this is an area where we are a global leader, the breadth of use cases nowadays also reinforces why we have become a leading partner for any in-store automation and digitalisation strategy and implementation.

With the Pricer Plaza platform, we offer a sophisticated range of cloud-based applications and multiple business models, including SaaS (Software as a service). Adding to this, you will find a wide range of ecosystem partners who smoothly integrate their solutions to Pricer core systems. This results in use cases ranging from effective click & collect solution to advanced in-store customer engagement and predictive decision making.

Let us guide you through some of our popular use cases...

Omnichannel synchronization

We ensure timely updating of your in-store prices to retain synchronization and orchestration with your online prices, increasing shopper trust and ensuring your omnichannel strategy really works.

Price optimization/dynamic pricing

Successful stores optimize prices depending on store location, date, time of day and shopper groups, to ensure you reach different customer segments in the right way. The flexibility of our ESL system avoids annoying limitations and enables you to execute extensive price optimization, enhancing the potential profit and reducing customer confusion. (On this subject please see the Pricer/Revionics webinar for more details.)

Pick-to-light / Click & Collect for e-commerce fulfillment

We enable you to use your network of stores as fulfillment centers for e-commerce orders as well as creating effective dark stores. Our solutions streamline your fulfillment processes with map- and flash-assisted in-store picking, pick-to-light, creating optimal routes and more rapid delivery in a cost-effective way.


While replenishment is one of the most time-consuming and continuous processes in retail, our geo-positioning and “put to light”-capabilities ensure optimized planning and execution.

Inventory management

Stock level data can be notoriously hard to keep accurate, due to everything from products in the wrong place to inaccurate supply data. With our smart labels and flashing capabilities, we greatly simplify inventory checks, enabling you to develop a modern retail supply chain.

Merchandizing management

In order to educate shoppers and drive sales at the shelf, our displays and flash capabilities draw the attention of the consumer as well as enabling your staff to find the labels that should be accompanied by a shelf talker, using merchandising management mode. Using Pricer Shelf Vision you can also monitor the variances to the planogram and more rapidly and accurately make use of supplier incentives.

Waste management

About a third of all food is never consumed and a large part of that waste occurs in the store. Aside from the cost, this is also an important sustainability issue. Our solutions make date checking efficient and ensure you can sell expiring products at the optimal price before they go to waste as well as seamlessly integrating with solutions from leading waste management solutions such as Whywaste or Wasteless.

Promotion highlighting

Our Promoflash feature highlights active promotions and makes shoppers aware of your campaigns. Our non-intrusive flash combined with a different template showing the price, makes the promotions easily visible to shoppers.

Emerging use cases

As we stated in the beginning, at Pricer we have a constant stream of new technologies, products and solutions. Therefore, we also would like to introduce some of the new and exciting use cases that are emerging into stores.

Gap detection and management (with Pricer Shelf Vision)

Out-of-stock is a big concern for retail and can lead to significant sales losses. Some of this is caused by issues that can be addressed in the stores. Using a combination of battery-powered cameras and state-of-the-art machine vision solutions such as those from Qopius (now Trax), we can detect shelf gaps throughout the day and send alerts to staff. The data can also be analyzed to build knowledge on a store and HQ level.

Merchandizing compliance and management (with Pricer Shelf Vision)

Adding cameras such as Pricer Shelf Vision to our merchandising management solution, we offer frequent images of the shelves and automatic analysis to ensure shelf talker compliance. The data is also used to create corrective tasks for store staff to carry out, as well as understand the performance in stores and on a chain-wide level.

Planogram compliance and management (with Pricer Shelf Vision)

Planograms are used to optimize the sales area, to drive sales, volume and profit. Often, they are part of agreements with suppliers, who pay to get a high-value location of the shelf. With a combination of cameras, flashing labels and machine vision tools within Pricer Plaza, Pricer offers an effective solution that captures the actual state of the planogram, avoiding badly implemented planograms that lead to less revenue and risks to supplier relations.

Shelf performance analysis (with Pricer Shelf Vision)

Our solution offers data about sales, customers and stock, which together creates powerful tools for a better understanding of what’s going on in the store. We make it easy to analyze the state of the shelf and campaign performance, covering factors such as availability, planogram, merchandising, tidiness and pricing.

Before you go

Our use cases show why Pricer has evolved into a trusted partner for in-store digitalization and automation. In close collaboration with the world’s leading retailers, we have for decades challenged ourselves and the industry to create innovation that makes a real difference in the stores for both shoppers and owners. As we have shown, our solutions address real challenges and prepare our partners for the future.

We invite you to take a further look at our case section, where you can find these use cases implemented by leading retail brands from around the world.


Published: October 22, 2020