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Consumer Insight Report 2021 - Retail Europe

Consumer Insight Report 2021 - Retail Europe


An analysis of shopping behaviour among consumers in key European economies during and post pandemic, and recommended actions for retailers and their suppliers.

As a provider of digital solutions in store, we wanted to support retailers with new consumer insights that will assist them to make the changes they need to protect their profitability. Thus Retail Europe: Shopper Outlook 2021 - Pricer Consumer Report have been created.

While figures varied dramatically across countries for some questions, it is fair to generalise about European customers’ desire for more information about their intended purchases in store and for greater transparency across channels. Some of these preferences have been a factor in retail for some years now, but the pandemic has caused some of them to spike.

Some of the findings in this report

  Consumers in countries (from two-thirds to three quarters) wanted more access to product information, rather than just pricing, at the shelf edge.

  Between a third and a half of consumers had swapped from branded goods to supermarket own label, which will be of particular concern to brand owners.

  Changing behaviour - Since the pandemic, a third of consumers had been using home delivery services far more frequently, and would now continue to do so, including click & collect, often to avoid paying delivery charges.

   Higher expectations - Since the pandemic, consumers have clearly become more demanding.

   Changing minds - What is clear is that already savvy consumers are smarter than ever and know exactly how to negotiate their way around a retailer’s offer.


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