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Consumer Insight Report 2021 - General Retail UK

Consumer Insight Report 2021 - General Retail UK


The modern retail store is now playing many different roles as it tries to satisfy the changing demands of its customers, shareholders, staff and industry regulators.

This report lays out the imperatives for adopting core digital technologies in-store and at the shelf-edge, as a platform for more advanced sensing solutions that embrace efficient replenishment and space management, online and in-store fulfillment and delivery, waste management, personalisation, and dynamic pricing.

What you will get

  Ecommerce grew by 46% in 2020

  49% would like more digital signage or information at the shelf edge to help inform their buying decision

  36% of shoppers have experienced inconsistency of pricing on- vs offline

  Almost half (49%) say they’ve been put off buying a product as the information on the shelf-edge in-store has been inconsistent with online

  46% of respondents said they prefer to shop in person rather than online.


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