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The Pricer Story

The Corporate Story

Pricer AB, founded in Sweden in 1991, is the global leader in providing in-store digital shelf-edge solutions that enhance both store performance and the shopping experience. Our optical, electronic shelf-label platform is fast, robust, interconnectable and scalable.

We work with the world’s top retailers, small and large, including grocers, DIY, electronics and specialty stores. So far, Pricer has sold more than 310 million electronic shelf labels to 25,000+ stores in over 70 countries. The Pricer share is traded on the Mid Cap list of NASDAQ OMX Stockholm.

With over 25,000 store installations in more than 70 countries, Pricer is one of the largest corporations working with digital shelf-edge solutions. Pricer’s customers include most of the leading retailers across the five continents.


Pricer launches Pricer Plaza, a cloud-based platform for the complete scalable management, monitoring and integration of a digital in-store system. 1 M labels under management within 3 months of launch.

The retail group Carrefour chooses Pricer as preferred ESL supplier for worldwide installations.


The market activity is high. Pricer establishes a strong position in several geographic markets and takes significant steps forward in product development. The market potential continues to be considerable since the penetration of Electronic Shelf Label systems is very low. At the end of the year, Pricer reaches a milestone: 200 million ESLs has been produced.


A year with large growth for Pricer. A breakthrough in the North American market is the single largest growth, and several ESL-markets across the world is in rapid growth.


Cumbersome and staff intense store processes are being slimlined with the Pricer ESL system. The ability to automatically position products in store for staff and customers and the SmartFlash capability is being combined in different ways to optimize processes for i.e. picking e-commerce orders in store, and replenishment of the shelf edge.


Pricer introduced automated product positioning where the system, through the digital shelf labels, can map out products’ locations throughout the store. In Norway the first installation with SmartFlash is deployed that supports click & collect.


Order intake and sales reached record levels, driven by sharply increased demand for digital shelf-edge solutions with e-paper.


Pricer launched a new digital strategy that gave stores a solution for pricing as well as for streamlining, consumer contact, campaigns and forecasts. The Pricer platform is expanding introducing the revolutionary SmartFlash enabling store staff to find products in store in seconds, and includes finding mobile units in the store.


100 million shelf labels installed. Pricer is launching the SmartTag product family, which enabled the mix of segment and graphical labels, and increases the use of attachments. The worlds first store with a NFC enabled label for self scanning is installed.


Pricer opened a new office in Hong Kong and commenced production in Brazil. Pricers solution is expanded to include solutions for digital signage.


A new graphic label was introduced, the DotMatrix DM200C, and became a popular choice for retailers wanting a large-format price display. The new Lockline range provided retailers with a label that locks into the store fixings. Sales deals were secured throughout Europe and in Mexico.


A large increase in turn-over and result. Several new non-food retailer, French hardware (DIY) retailer Castorama, chooses Pricer


Pricer installs it’s 5000 store. The Pricer Segment and DotMatrix ESL reaches new customer segments.


The new graphical display format, DotMatrix, expanded the possibilities for use in the wider retail and non-retail industries. More and more non-food retailers chose Pricer ESL, such as petrol stations, duty-free stores and the Swedish Post, demonstrating the widening market for electronic shelf labels.


The integration of Eldat is complete.


Pricer acquired a leading electronic shelf label supplier, Eldat, with operations in Paris and Tel Aviv. The combination of the two companies made Pricer the world’s leading ESL supplier with more than 55% of the world market. From this dominant position, Pricer now had the technological and market leverage to create a worldwide standard. Added to the client portfolio were grocery leaders Casino and Sonae from Europe and Maruwa and Tokyu in Japan, chains that are ongoing in their ESL deployment. The company shares in Appulse Ltd. is being sold of.


Pricer was the leading company on the world market for electronic display and information systems in the retail industry. A milestone was reached with 750 Pricer installations worldwide, and more than 12 million ESL delivered. In Japan, Asia's largest retailer Ito-Yokado completed the largest ESL rollout outside of Europe with 184 stores. More than 70 other Japanese retail chains have installed Pricer. Europe's largest retail chain Carrefour continued its installation program with additional orders in France, Spain and Italy. French Grand Frais' 37 fresh food concept stores were all equipped with Pricer's ESL as well as nine stores within Konsumentföreningen Bohuslän-Älvsborg in Sweden. Socamil—a Leclerc region buying group with 30 hypermarkets and role model for all of Leclerc's IT implementations and developments—began deploying Pricer in 12 of its stores. In the American market, the tier-one retailer Costco committed to all Connecticut-based stores and pilot installations with retailers across the country. The new ESL platform C² was launched in all main markets, heralding new display technologies such as electronic paper and DotMatrix while also introducing new display features such as ADS (automated display slide shows) for ESL.


Pricer won a major order from the French retailer Carrefour. Via Ishida, Pricer was awarded a sizable contract by Ito-Yokado in the Japanese market. IBM is another new partner in the US market.


The developer company PIER AB is founded. Pricer becomes majority owner of software company Appulse in India and signs partner agreement with StoreNext for the American markets.


An extensive restructuring program enabled a sharper customer focus and cut costs.


In August 2001, Pricer received its largest order to date from its Japanese partner Ishida valued at a minimum of 25M USD.


On February 24, Intactix was sold to the American company JDA Software Group


The installation of the Pricer system was successfully completed in 53 Cash & Carry stores at Metro in Germany


Pricer is entering the Japanese market Partnering with Ishida.


In June, Pricer merged with Intactix International Inc, one of the world’s most successful companies in space management. A cooperation is signed with Telxon delivering wireless networks with hand held personal devices.


The company was noted on the O-list at the Stockholm Stock Exchange.


Pricer received an order from Metro in Germany, the second-largest trading chain in the world, to install the Pricer system in 53 of their Cash & Carry stores.


The first Pricer Installation is deployed with ICA Sweden. In December, Pricer and Unigrafic signed an agreement pertaining to an exclusive license to the original patents and patent applications for the entire world, excluding North and South America.


Pricer AB was founded in the city of Uppsala, Sweden. In connection with the formation, Nordic Region license rights to a patent pertaining to electronic price-marking were acquired from the Swiss company Unigrafic AG.

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