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Revionics provides enterprise retailers around the world with leading, science-based solutions for pricing, promotions, markdowns and competitive insights to illuminate their way on the lifecycle pricing optimization journey.

As a trusted partner for top retailers across a variety of industries and markets, Revionics delivers unparalleled results in ROI, profit lift, process efficiencies and more. Powered by robust analytics and advanced AI models, Revionics equips retailers with clarity and confidence to make optimal pricing decisions.

With science at the center, Revionics’ machine learning capabilities translate consumer, competitor and market data into actionable insights, transparent and dynamic pricing recommendations for high-impact results. Integration with ESL providers allows for a full end-to-end automated pricing process that delivers superior financial results while improving all consumer KPIs.

Webinar: Advanced tactics for optimizing prices

Watch this webinar hosted by industry thought leader Chris Field, retail analyst and chairman of Retail Connections, Anastasia Laska, VP of Business Development & Partner Alliances at Revionics, and Duncan Potter, CMO at Pricer. The webinar focused on how advanced tactics for optimizing prices can affect the bottom line and create strong competitive advantages for retail stores.

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