A store can have a number of time-critical pricing processes, where delays have an impact on shopper happiness, profitability and sales.

Pricer’s system is unparalleled in speed and latency, meeting all the needs of the modern retailer.


Regular, larger price changes. Many retailers do a number of larger changes throughout a year, requiring extra staffing.

Price Changes

These changes are limited in time and often advertised inside and outside the store. Failure to price these correctly can negatively affect stock levels and sales, as well as cause shopper irritation.

Regulatory Changes

Regulated changes are those that affect most prices. Regulations such as VAT are sometimes changed, leading to a price change on every product in the store.

“Happy Hour”

Promotions are occasionally run during a select few hours, requiring prices to be changed back and forth with very little time to spare.

Online Synchronization

To meet the expectations of the connected shopper, the price has to immediately be the same in the store as it is online.

Timed Changes

Price changes based on the time of day is now possible. Maybe your coffee is more expensive in the morning?

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