SmartTAG HD 300

Oversized paper-like display designed for eye-catching campaigns and information

Special prices and promotions are appreciated by customers. It is a good way to reduce waste and generate extra sales. By using digital displays, it is easy and flexible to do regular promotions that look nice and professional in the store.

The HD 300 is one of the largest displays on the market. It has a higher resolution (131 dpi) than most other ESLs in this size range. If you want the customers who are visiting your store to notice and take action on your promotions the HD300 display is a great choice.

Pricer SmartTAG HD 300 view


  • The HD 300s high resolution and contrast create great attention to in-store campaigns and messaging.
  • The oversized label is eye-catching and enables creative content.
  • The label is paper-like and the close to 180degree view angle makes it ideal for customized in-store information.
  • Pricers technology can quickly handle the amount of data required to run this big label.
  • Most reliable oversized label on the market – it just works!


SmartTAG HD 300 - sodastream ESL


  • 12,5’’ display
  • E-paper technology Black/White/Red
  • Latest E-paper technology
  • Near 180° viewing angle
  • 131 dpi contrast & resolution
  • Antiglare treatment
  • RGB Flash (industry-leading response time 1 sec)
  • Replaceable CR2450 batteries
  • High-speed bi-directional optical wireless communication
  • Dynamic geolocation
  • NFC
  • Front and rear-facing barcode

HD 300 Specsheet

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