Stability & Reliability

30 years’ experience has taught us that a reliable, industrial-grade system is the key to success in a retail environment.

Thanks to our radio immunity to radio noise and other radio transmissions like Wi-Fi, mobile networks, Bluetooth, ZigBee and various alarm systems, our system will perform reliably today and in the future when even more devices will fight over the already crowded radio frequencies.

Since we hardly ever need to retransmit, we can update labels without additional delays that vary over time. This increases the total speed of the system but also results in a predictable power consumption, ensuring that our customers do not need to change batteries before an estimated lifetime due to retransmissions and lost packages.

Our two-way communication ensures that every transmission is successfully reaching the label, ensuring that all prices are accurate. If a label is removed from the store, the server will take notice and a report is created.

Our optical access points are the backbone of our system. They not only provide the most reliable and robust high-performance network, but they also enable both people and product positioning.

Advanced algorithms

By using advanced algorithms on the optical signal strength from all access points, the position of every product in the store is automatically updated, even after store and planogram changes.

People positioning

People positioning is achieved by adding Bluetooth beacons to our transceivers. A mobile phone or PDA can then listen to the signals to calculate its position. The beacons are powered and monitored through our network.

The always-updated positions enable maintenance-free, in-store navigation via in mobiles, kiosks and PDAs.

PerformanceIR/OpticalLow Frequency RadioHigh Frequency Radio
Updates Per Hour (speed)HighLowMedium
Latency (Tag reaction time)Less than 5 sec.More than 5 min.30 sec. to 5+ min.
System & Label Ack (Bi-directional)YesNoYes
Ack reliabilityHighN/AMedium
Noise Immunity
(radio, today/tomorrow)
Power Consumption (green)LowMedium
(High Graphic)
Environment Immunity (in/near metal shelving, liquids, steel structure)HighMediumLow
Cost (System) - TCOLowHighMedium
Cost (ESL)MediumLowMedium