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Pricer HangTAG

HangTAG allows for discreet product display on peg hooks, enhancing the store environment with its robust and slim design.

Pricer HangTAG is the next generation Electronic Shelf Label (ESL), perfect for peg hook mounting and DIY stores. Its unique metal cover communicates robustness and quality, making it stand out from other ESLs in the market.


Tailored label for peg hooks

HangTAG is the game-changing solution transforming how retailers label and display products. With this product, you'll enjoy many benefits that save space, enhance convenience, and elevate the shopping experience. Our digital label solution is designed for DIY, pharmacies, pet stores, and other businesses.

HangTAG is our latest label supporting Pricer Plaza, our state-of-the-art cloud-based platform, managing, monitoring, and integrating your in-store digital system has never been easier. Pricer Plaza is our industry-leading central management system that empowers you with central security, seamless backup/restore, user management, and template management, catering to various business and deployment models.


Maximize space
HangTAG saves 16% of sales space compared to dual-arm peg hooks. It's the ultimate space-saving solution.
Sleek and slim
HangTAG is the slimmest product on the market, meeting the stringent standards of blisters and peg hooks, adding a touch of modern elegance to your store.
Battery life
Elevate your operational convenience with our label's exceptional battery life, lasting up to 5 years. Extend its lifespan with replaceable batteries, giving you a hassle-free, long-lasting solution for all your needs.
Boost profitability
HangTAG can potentially account for 40-60% of all labels in a big box store. With HangTAG, you will be able to fit more products in the same space, giving you the opportunity to increase your sales and revenue.
Seamless integration
Utilize your existing store fittings without requiring expensive investments or refits. HangTAG seamlessly fits into your current setup.
Built to last
Count on HangTAG's high durability to withstand the wear and tear caused by blister packs, ensuring your labels stay pristine.
Precision design and user-friendly
HangTAG's thin and robust design is tailor-made for dual-arm peg hooks, allowing products to slide over effortlessly and through the blister pack hole, a feat unmatched by the competition. Make life easier for your staff and customers with HangTAG's simple on-and-off process, featuring a blister cover over the peg hook.
Focus on efficiency
Forget the hassle of a second hook for price tags. HangTAG is intelligently designed to sit perfectly on the peg hook, reducing extra investments.

Transform your retail space, enhance convenience, and elevate the shopping experience for your customers. HangTAG with Pricer Plaza offers an unmatched solution for modern retailers where innovation meets efficiency, style, and profitability. 

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