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Pricer Launches Pricer Plaza – A New and Enhanced Architecture for Smart Retail In-Store Services and Business Models at EuroShop 2020


Stockholm, Sweden – February 14, 2020 – At Euroshop 2020, the leading Electronic Shelf Label company Pricer will announce Pricer Plaza, an architecture and set of services enabling new business models for store digitalization along with new key shelf edge products and partnerships. This architecture extends Pricer’s already widely successful real-time store efficiency and enhanced customer engagement infrastructure incorporating a series of innovative new products and technologies.

Pricer is announcing a new management system infrastructure that enables private cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) business models. Based on Pricer’s widely deployed central management software, Pricer Plaza comprises a suite of services that provide sophisticated management of the in-store infrastructure and services that act as the key foundation for advanced store digitalization functionality such as but not limited to:

  • Sophisticated dynamic price and promotion implementation,
  • Advanced replenishment,
  • Shelf imaging and optimization
  • “Click and collect” services
  • In-store geo-location for advanced customer experience

Pricer Plaza also provides a series of advanced APIs and services enabling ecosystem partners to rapidly and effectively implement additional capabilities. At Euroshop, Pricer will be hosting demonstrations such as:

  • Qopius – AI-Powered Shelf Monitoring software for Retailers using images captured by Pricer Shelf Vision (see below).
  • Whywaste – a sophisticated but easy to use tool for expiration date management. Already installed by numerous retailers globally it has effectively decreased their food waste and the associated revenue loss. Further, a solid integration with Pricer’s Instant Flash drastically reduces the time spent on date-checking.
  • Novisign – providing advanced digital signage and shelf edge display systems integrated with Pricer price and systems management and Pricer Plaza for advanced promotion and customer engagement.
  • Wasteless an AI-driven dynamic pricing solution for fresh food that increases revenues and reduces waste using Pricer’s ESL.
  • QSC – providing integration with SAP business management systems within a retail environment, QSC brings expertise, insight and experience to retailers and will be demonstrating advanced shelf edge computing capabilities.

These leading innovators provide key examples of Pricer’s ability to integrate, implement, supply and support advanced, reliable, scalable and profitable systems to the world’s leading retailers. Read more about our partners:

Enabling years of additional high value, low latency, real-time functionality at the shelf edge

With the heightened focus on enhanced store efficiency and advanced customer engagement use cases, Pricer is also announcing new shelf edge capabilities:

The highly successful SmartTag product range receives a major line extension with the introduction of the SmartTag Power and Power Plus families. These new products deliver:

  • performance enhancements such as sub-second response time for both display and flash
  • dramatically extended battery capacity giving useable power equivalent to 10 and 20 years*
  • enhanced sustainability with reduced energy utilization and recyclability
  • multicolor (7 colors) and multi-intensity (4 levels) flash
  • innovative new attachment system integrated into label

This capability dramatically increases the number of updates per day and flash usage that continues to limit traditional radio-based ESLs use of advanced capabilities for in-store process efficiency.

The new Pricer Shelf Vision system introduces a unique range of shelf based visual and other sensor technologies that leverages the Plaza platform, including patented methods, to capture shelf data that no other shelf vision solution can do. For high scalability the system is completely wireless and has the same attachment capabilities as the SmartTag labels allowing low cost deployments in key locations within the store. This product range enables advanced applications such as automated out-of-stock detection and management, realogram/planogram and merchandizing compliance as well as sophisticated shelf optimization.

And finally, Pricer is announcing a series of additional services to dramatically enhance the retail customer and partners experience. From Advanced APIs, seamless integration and advanced planning, installation, maintenance and support services, Pricer is providing a complete range of advanced services that reduce the complexity and dramatically increase the progress to achieving faster ROI and lower TCO of in-store deployment.

Pricer will be present in Hall 6 at booth 6A23 and other partner booths.

“EuroShop has always been key to our focus on serving both the European and global smart retail market,” says Helena Holmgren, CEO at Pricer. “We are looking forward to presenting our industry leading Pricer Plaza architecture and our vision for delivering foundational and advanced real-time capabilities for our customers.”

EuroShop 2020 is the largest retail technology trade shows in the world and is held in Dusseldorf, Germany on February 16-20, 2020. Pricer will be present at booth 6A23, hall 6.

*Actual lifetime calculations must be based on analysis of use case, length of deployment and environmental conditions.


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