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Grocery retailer Alphamega orders 37 MSEK of electronic shelf labels


Pricer’s partner StrongPoint has signed an agreement with Alphamega, the largest grocery retailer in Cyprus, to install electronic shelf labels in all its stores. The value of the contract is approximately 37 MSEK and the rollout is expected to begin in 2024 and be completed by 2026.

“We are excited that our solution will support Alphamega in its digitalization journey. The adoption of our cloud-based platform Pricer Plaza represents a significant leap forward and empowers this leading retailer with centralized control and management of pricing, product information, and promotions across all stores, ensuring real-time updates and eliminating the need for manual adjustments, says Mats Arnehall, Chief Commercial Officer at Pricer.

“It is exciting to follow Alphamega’s journey towards greater operational efficiency and enhanced customer experience supported by Pricer’s solution for in-store automation and communication and our four-color labels, says David Sebbag, Area Sales Director at Pricer.

“We are extremely proud that Alphamega has chosen StrongPoint as its sole electronic shelf label partner, and we are looking forward to the installation. What sets StrongPoint apart is the breadth of our solution portfolio, allowing a customer like Alphamega to grow and use a single partner to provide a wide variety of business-critical technologies,” said Jacob Tveraabak, CEO of StrongPoint.

For further information, please contact:

Mats Arnehall, Chief Commercial Officer, +46 70-8108084

Magnus Larsson, President and CEO, +46 70 431 68 51

Every care has been taken in the translation of this document. In the event of discrepancies, the Swedish original will supersede the English translation.

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