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Pricer Expands Customer Approach in Italian Market with New Partners and New Offering


Pricer Expands Customer Approach in Italian Market with New Partners and New Offering

Pricer has partnered with a leading retail integrator and reseller Sid Emilia/Romagna to further advance the adoption of the world-leading Electronic Shelf Edge digital system solution for the Italian market. This new Italian partnership allows Pricer to advance its efforts in delivering shelf edge advanced software automation, such as task-to -light, Click and Collect support and automated product location services that are becoming critical for new retail. Pricer today holds the leading Italian market share and Sid Emilia/Romagna is uniquely qualified to build Pricer sales, offering full service and hotline support to its established customer base.

As a part of its new market approach, Pricer is progressively shifting towards adding new partnerships targeting the key retail sectors, and the partnership with Sid Emilia/Romagna combines their geographic advantage with a strong retail portfolio of solutions.

" Sid Emilia/Romagna has been supporting Pricer sales and installations for many years as a regional partner", says Jonas Vestin, CEO, Pricer, "and we are extremely happy to enter into a direct reseller and partnership agreement to support our existing and growing customer base  while supporting new complementary product offerings."

"We have seen a dramatic increase in price changing activities over the past two years," explains Giorgio Benevelli, President and Founder of Sid Emilia/Romagna. "Only Pricer has the scale, solutions and reliability to support this new retail automation paradigm while evolving to state of the art solutions to new retail challenges such as shopper guidance and click and collect."