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Pricer and Vue technology announce initiative


Pricer and Vue technology announce initiative


Vue Technology, a supplier of item level RFID solutions and Pricer have taken an initiative together with IBM  to see how their technologies can be integrated and collaborate to create new, innovative retail solutions. The new integration is displayed at the Retail Systems tradeshow in Chicago 22 May to 24 May.

RFID is a technology that through a small chip enables identification of uniqe items. This facilitates and controls of flow of goods, logistics and payment routines more efficiently. Pricer sees RFID as an interesting technology that can have a great impact on the retail industry as price per chip decreases. The integration is a natural part of the company?s strategic work to evaluate and collaborate with future technologies in order to continue to offer retail the sharpest solutions in the industry.

Through the integration of RFID and ESL technology, sales associates can quickly and efficiently identify exact inventory needs and expedite restocking while business operations staff can remotely monitor inventory levels across stores and generate critical inventory alerts. Displaying critical retail store information directly at the shelf edge enhances the overall customer experience while reducing out-of-stocks and increasing sales.

Pricer AB (publ), founded in 1991 in Uppsala, has the world's leading position as a supplier of electronic display and information systems to the retail industry. Pricer offers electronic information systems that improves significantly customer profitability and productivity. Pricer, in cooperation with highly competent partners, offer a totally integrated solution together with the supplementary products, applications and services. Pricer AB (publ) is quoted on the O-list of Stockholm Exchange.