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Pricer and Vega launch the first content-automated dynamic digital display

Pricer and Vega launch the first content-automated dynamic digital display


Pricer and Vega launch the first content-automated dynamic digital display


Pricer, leading Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) system provider, and Vega, leading French supplier of dynamic display solutions for retail, recently entered into a partnership agreement to offer retail's first content-automated solution for dynamic digital signage. The partnership is announced in conjunction with the 37th annual merchandising IFM tradeshow in Paris.

From the synergy of their core competencies, Pricer and Vega France created the first dynamic display solution for product promotions in retail, with fully automated content and ensured reliable product information. For more than 18 years, Pricer has been offering best-in-class ESL solutions to retail and the first truly scalable two-way ESL communication system. Vega has been developing dynamic and intelligent display advertising solutions since 2002 under the 'Animatic' brand. Animatic has already been implemented by major retailers such as E.Leclerc, Cora and across France. "We are proud of our partnership with a strong company like Vega", says Charles Jackson, CEO at Pricer, "and the great interest we are seeing to date as well as the planned pilots with our Tier 1 clients indicate we are addressing a true gap in digital signage solutions."

Digital signage is growing in worldwide retail and is becoming an integral part of store merchandising. The market today offers a wide choice of suppliers and solutions, and it has become critical to bring real added value to retailers. "The Pricer system brings a whole new set of functionalities not available in today's solutions," says Charles Jackson. "The Pricer two-way system knows what product is on promotion, when it is on promotion, at what price and if it is actually in the store." Vega leverages this information and translates it into attractive and reliable promotion clips to be displayed on large screens in the store.

"The Vega Pricer Digital Signage Solution is a real step forward for retailers and for the digital signage market," says Jean Bergougnan, General Manager at Vega France. "Operational benefits for the store and time-savings on staff's daily routine are huge. The system dramatically limits price errors and reduces customer complaints since the display acts like a big ESL." Promotions are displayed timely, reliably and without any staff maintenance. "Our solution works just like a big ESL," says Arnaud Lecat, Vice-President Professional Solutions at Pricer, "whenever there is a new promotion or a price change in the store database, the information is automatically updated on the screen."

Vega's strong expertise in dynamic and intelligent display advertising solutions enables to create customized clips and reinforce both the impact of promotions and the retailer's brand identity. Vega will ensure support and maintenance for the system.

About Vega France

VEGA France develops systems that enable scalable management of all audio, video and multimedia store solutions, regardless of the number of screens in the store. VEGA France has been using its expertise in Retail since 2002 and provides customized display solutions to improve in-store communication. VEGA France is present in more than 170 hypermarkets across France, in more than 40 distinct areas, with several thousand screens and barcode readers. VEGA France generates over 5000 clips per year.