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Pricer and Think&Go combine their digital technologies for a connected retail and exhibit at NRF Big Retail’s Show 2017


New York, NY – 2017, January 15: Pricer, the global leader in shelf-edge digital solutions for Tier 1 retail and Think&Go, the inventor of connected screens, recently acquired by Ingenico Group, the global leader in seamless payment solutions, partner to enrich the shopping experience. Shoppers pick up coupons from a connected screen located at the entrance of the store using their contactless card or phone and redeem them in the physical store. Combined with the Pricer exclusive Automated Product Positioning system, they immediately know where the promoted products are located and just have to tag their selection on the digital map.

The Pricer Infrared platform provides shoppers with product location based on Pricer’s Award Winning ability to automatically geo-locate the product’s Electronic Shelf Label in the store. IR technology can literally map where products have been placed on the sales floor, which can help engage customers in aisle, help customers find products in-store and manage product placement compliance.

Retailers benefit from the Think&Go screens ability to reduce queuing and powerful drive-to store capability resulting in very strong transformation to real sales. Managing the different promotions is then easily achieved.

The screen advantage is also to reach most of the shoppers ; consumers can engage with the screen using any connected objects, transportation cards, bank cards, phones… And combined with the automated geolocation offered by Pricer, the shopper becomes again more autonomous to find products and promotions.

“Connected screens offer retailers new and more powerful ways to engage consumers and make their shopping experience more attractive. With the integration of payment capability, signage screens take on a completely new role outside of stores as they can be easily transformed into Pop-up-Stores, Click-To-Brick, Click and Collect, therefore offering consumers a whole range of easy to use services “stated Vincent Berge, CEO and Founder of Think&Go. “

“The combination of Product Location and Connected Screen is a powerful enabler for retail store digitization. The customer experience is enriched and the customer loyalty improved. The instrumentation of the shelf and intelligent application of product positioning open up significant opportunity for more efficient retail execution in the store as well as better customer service for omni-channel retail on the salesfloor.” said Charles Jackson, EVP at Pricer.

To see a demonstration of Pricer and Think&Go technologies at the NRF Retail’s Big Show 2017, visit booth # 4443

About Think&Go
Think&Go created in 2010 is the inventor of connected screens (2 patents and 15 international awards including the prestigious Sesame at Cartes 2013 and the E-commerce in Paris 2015). This breakthrough technology allows consumers to interact and exchange information with the screen in less than 1 second by simply placing a smartphone, contactless card near the screens image. Think&Go has already sold 300 screens worldwide to different markets including Retail, transport, digital signage, banks... with the applications Drive-to-Store allowing consumers to retrieve coupons and reductions with all connected objects. Think&Go forecasts up to 2000 connected screens by 2018. Think&Go has been acquired in April 2016 by Ingenico Group, the global leader in seamless payment solutions.

About Pricer
Pricer AB, founded in Sweden in 1991, listed on the NASDAQ OMX Nordic, is the global leader in providing in-store shelf-edge digital solutions that enhance both store performance and the shopping experience. The increasingly feature-rich Pricer platform is crossing over to solve key store transformation challenges such as customer and employee guidance, task-to-light and order preparation. It is also evolving to support shelf-edge customer personalization, data capture and interpretation. Pricer works with the world’s top retailers, small and large alike: grocers, DIY, electronics and specialty stores. To date, Pricer has sold more than 140 million electronic shelf labels to 15,000 stores in over 50 countries.

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