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Pricer AB and PSI Antonson announce a new cooperation


Pricer AB and PSI Antonson announce a new cooperation


Pricer AB and PSI Antonson are pleased to announce a new cooperation on the Swedish market as of today September 8 2006. PSI Antonson, the leading provider in Sweden for equipment and services for retail and industry will sell and support the Pricer system.

"This gives us access to a very well established sales force with a large network and a strong position in Swedish retail. We have, during a period of time, examined possible partners in Sweden that match our profile and PSI Antonson measures up very well to our demands", says Pricer Area Sales Manager Göran Fryklund.

"We see a great potential in the Pricer system and it is well compatible with the rest of our product mix that we offer our clients. It is additionally stimulating being able to offer our Swedish clients a world leading Swedish product", says PSI Antonson Marketing Manager Sven Calissendorff.