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Mobile Meeting & Exhibition 2019 - Milan, Italy


Mobile Meeting & Exhibition 2019 - Milan, Italy

With an intensified and strengthened offer to the Italian consumer electronics retail sector, Pricer is participating in the Mobile Meeting & Exhibition 2019 in Milan, Italy on May 16th. Pricer’s optical communications platform is particularly ideal for the consumer electronics environment, as it is free from radio interference and allows for real-time updates to increase competitor pricing and online synchronization.

The Director of Pricer Italy, Michael Cacciatore, will be one of the speakers at the event and will analyze trends in the consumer electronics market by identifying digital solutions implemented by physical stores to increase performance in a highly competitive environment.

Applications presented at the booth
Pricer is showing how to solve some key in-store challenges such as increasing accessories add-on sales, real-time price updates to meet competition, and dynamic pricing with user reviews, the Pricer solution is even more relevant to the consumer electronics sector. The replenishment of products on the shelves is one of the most complex and most frequently performed tasks for any retailer. At the booth, we will also show how we make it easy to simply scan the barcode of the product to be replenished and the associated label begins to flash, making it simple to find and place - with no interference.

Meet Pricer at Mobile Meeting & Exhibition 2019 in Milan, Italy on May 16th.


Michael Cacciatore | Italian Sales Director
Tel. : +39 347 2505228