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Media Markt-Saturn regained market shares thanks to its omnichannel pricing strategy enabled by Pricer


November 19th, 2014: The electronics retailer Media Markt-Saturn Netherlands recently announced that it has won back market share as a result of enacting an effective omnichannel pricing strategy which utilises Pricer’s solutions.

In February, Media Markt-Saturn Netherlands deployed Pricer’s Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) across their 45 stores. With Pricer’s centrally managed digital price tags, the physical stores can update prices in real time, for an unlimited number of products, from just one computer.

The ability to update prices displayed on the shelf edge easily, rapidly and accurately was vital for Media Markt-Saturn Netherlands to realise their new pricing vision. “The retailer’s product prices are adjusted daily online and offline after comparing them to all available internet prices– and this means that one and a half million prices are reloaded, every single day.” says Gordon Scholz, CEO at Media Markt-Saturn Netherlands.

Media Markt – Saturn can therefore ensure that prices are always consistent across all their channels: physical, web and mobile stores – nothing is more damaging to customer loyalty and to the chance of securing a purchase than when a customer discovers they are expected to pay more for a product in-store than online.

Thanks to the Pricer solution, Media Markt-Saturn Netherlands now has the ability to respond instantly to the price changes of their competitors – both those on and offline. By making certain the prices displayed are always the best on the market, they are able to help ensure that their customers make the decision to purchase then and there, in-store.“

The news of Media Markt-Saturn Netherlands’ increase in market share is conclusive proof that Pricer is the right solution provider for forward-looking retailers who want to realise and commercialise an omnichannel pricing strategy,” said Jonas Vestin, CEO at Pricer. “Our products have an established track-record of helping our customers achieve higher revenue, and we are delighted that we can add Media-Markt Saturn Netherlands to that list.”


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