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Letter from the CEO


Letter from the CEO


Dear Pricer stakeholder,

My name is Fredrik Berglund and I assumed the position of President and CEO of Pricer three weeks ago. I previously held executive positions for such IT and telecom companies as Tele2 and the IT distributor Scribona.

The past weeks have been intensive and eventful, and I have already learned a great deal about Pricer and its market. During the first week, I settled into the office in Stockholm and visited the Paris office where I met with management and staff. Just a week later, I returned to Paris for customer meetings and to participate in Pricer's first dealer conference. The introduction could not have been better! At the conference, dealers from around the world gathered to share experiences concerning ESL, the market trend and opinions about the system. The meeting resulted in lots of praise and some constructive views on continued product and market development.

I am impressed by the commitment, expertise and interest that I have encountered among Pricer's employees. We are a small organization that is passionate about continuing to develop this market and the company. I was also struck by how global our operations are. We can discuss projects in Chile, Japan and South Africa in the same breath. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank my predecessor, Charles Jackson, whose accomplishments here included strengthening our international presence. I am proud to succeed him at the helm.

As a new member of the organization, I can tell you that I have witnessed an extraordinary level of commitment, perseverance and trust from employees, partners and customers alike. Everyone is equally convinced of the advantages offered by the Pricer system and how companies in the market will increasingly demand our equipment to enable them to develop their price strategies. I also believe that we can become even better at convincing customers of how profitable a Pricer installation actually is for them.

Pricer's position in the market is unique. We are the clear market leader, with the largest installed base in terms of the number of labels and the number of stores. We also have the most expansive geographic spread of systems, and we have installed systems in most types of stores in terms of both size and focus  - from supermarkets to neighbourhood stores, from food products to mobile phones. Combined with our structural adaptation of the organization, this has formed the foundation for a profitable and strong Pricer that will continue to spearhead development. Pricer's product development focuses on continuing to reduce the cost of the system, while maintaining or improving performance, but also on advancing readability and user friendliness. Everything we do is based on our customers' requirements and needs.

These lines, along with the latest press releases, will replace the previously announced Pricer News in September. I will return with more information on the company's and the market's trend.

I'm looking to the future with great confidence!

Fredrik Berglund