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Can customers ‘like’ their favourite products in stores?


Can customers ‘like’ their favourite products in stores?

For the PricerLab, nothing is impossible

Pricer, the world leader in providing electronic shelf labelling solutions to retailers, asked PricerLab, its R&D division, to analyse the opportunities offered by ICT and social networks in the retail sector – and the opportunities are highly promising.

PricerLab is the R&D laboratory of Pricer, and they constantly suggest innovative and forward-thinking ideas on the use of electronic shelf labels (ESLs). The results of their research are regularly presented to Pricer’s customers, and their solutions can be adapted to the bespoke needs of individual customers and implemented in less than six months.

Consumer habits are always evolving. The web, and the rise of online stores, has influenced the expectations of consumers. With this new innovation, Pricer suggests we give customers at a physical store the opportunity to be able to ‘like’ and ‘comment’ on products in real-time, just as they would be able to on the web, simply by flashing an ESL with their smartphone. In fact, Pricer is so convinced of the importance of this type of applications in the future that a patent has already been filed.

So, what will this new innovation mean for the customer, the retailer, and the brand? Well…

The customer :

They will have an interactive and entertaining store experience: the customer will have the opportunity to interact not only with the store and the brand, but also with other customers by learning how many people ‘like’ a product.

Enjoy advantages in store: there are oppurtinuites for a customer who 'likes' a product to be offered a discount on that product, or even participate in competitions organised by the store.

Get more information on the product: The PricerLab has also considered new possibilities offered by the ESLs’ QR code. For example, the QR code could redirect the client to online content – for example a Facebook page, the brand website, a YouTube video – where they can then find detailed information about the product.

Share their opinion: In addition to be able to  'like' their favourite products, the customer may be redirected to a page where they would be able to leave comments on the product, allowing for more interaction with the retailer, brand, and other customers.

The retailer:

Test new concepts and propose new products: Thanks to immediate interactivity with their customers, the retailer would be easily able to test new marketing concepts and get feedback on proposed new products.

Retain the customer: The retailer could also offer targeted benefits and discounts to customers who give their opinion in store via social networks. With the possibility of benefits and offers, customers will be sure to return to that store to see what great new deal they can take advantage of.

The brand:

Immediate feedback on new concepts and products: Brands will have the opportunity to test new concepts and products with almost immediate results on the most popular products, thus allowing them to be responsive and reactive in the adjustment of their marketing strategy.

With this new innovation, PricerLab’s will make any physical store just as interactive, accessible and transparent as an online store for the consumer – whilst at the same time benefitting the retailer and the product manufacturer.

Please find this demonstrated on our YouTube channel: