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Backlight F&V Promoline 3-16


Backlight F&V Promoline 3-16


As a natural extension to the Promo sign offering, PRICER have now developed the Highlight F&V concept. The concept offering an attractive & modern way of displaying price & item information, using a Backlight arrangement both for the Product information, that easily can be printed on a standard Inkjet Printer, as for the Price & Promotion where the Backlight work trough a wireless Display module.

The system is easily combined with other F&V Products from Pricer as well as together with the extensive range of Shelf Edge Products.

Pricer AB (publ), founded in 1991 in Uppsala, has the world's leading position as a supplier of electronic display and information systems to the retail industry. Pricer offers electronic information systems that improves significantly customer profitability and productivity. Pricer, in cooperation with highly competent partners, offer a totally integrated solution together with the supplementary products, applications and services. Pricer AB (publ) is quoted on the O-list of Stockholm Exchange.