Key Figures

Pricer’s financial performance is summarized below with the help of a few overall key ratios. In addition to net sales, other relevant metrics for the company include operating profit and net profit.

Key Ratios for Pricer in short

Amounts in SEK M
Order intake581551453307408
Order intake - rolling 4 quarters18911718161016111744
Net sales530,3465,9487,9496,0389,0
Net sales - rolling 4 quarters1980,11838,81765,81958,22027,8
Operating profit-6,8-9,717,240,122,6
Operating profit - rolling 4 quarters40,870,297,2149,3184,3
Profit for the period-3,5-9,514,232,015,2
Cash flow from operating activities49,5-20,30,6-94,5-18,2
Cash flow from operating activities - rolling 4 quarters-64,7-132,5-174,727,8160,6
Number of employees, end of period189190180180173
Equity ratio38%48%46%49%46%