Key Figures

Pricer’s financial performance is summarized below with the help of a few overall key ratios. In addition to net sales, other relevant metrics for the company include operating profit and net profit.

Key Ratios for Pricer in short

Amounts in SEK M
Order intake371843222230208274
Order intake - rolling 4 quarters1667150493499812871268
Net sales225.9237.8232.5270.7261.9386.5
Net sales - rolling 4 quarters967.01002.91151.61325.11276.41194.5
Operating profit7.324.024.834.117.629.0
Operating profit - rolling 4 quarters90.2100.4105.4111.697.689.1
Profit for the period14.819.
Cash flow from operating activities2.2125.9-4.8-28.152.359.1
Cash flow from operating activities - rolling 4 quarters95.2145.378.630.9108.083.7
Number of employees, end of period141135129126124115
Equity ratio69%72%72%66%66%69%